Each 'Royal 6-pack' includes:


-Ferrero Rocher (chocolate glaze, peanuts, more chocolate and a Ferreror Rocher in the hole of the donut)


-Maple Bacon (thick maple glaze topped with one strip of fresh, crispy bacon)


-Oreo (plain glaze topped with ground oreo)


-Brown Butter Toffee (just as it sounds, brown butter toffee with real butter glazed onto a brioche donut with Skor bits on top for a cruchy, toffee finish)


-Lemon Filled Blueberry Glaze (lemon cream filled brioche donut with real blueberry glaze)


-Apple Fritter (unique 'twice rolled' dough mixed with apple filling polished in Cinnamon Glaze)

The Royal 6-Pack (Limited Delivery)

Preferred Delivery Day (10 am - 3 pm)
  • Delivery is available only between the hours of 10am and 3pm (* see below) on Friday, Saturdays and Sunday, and within the following cities: Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and the Tri-Cities.

    All orders placed outside the delivery zone may be picked up between the hours of 9-10am each day.


    * We prepare all delvieries at once and make the most efficient routes to cover all areas.  We do not guarantee when you recieve your order within our given time frame.


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